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How are CBD and THC edibles created?

Both CBD and THC edibles are created using cannabis distillate, which is a flavorless and odorless oil. They can also be made using cannabinoid crystals. These ingredients are infused into the edibles by bonding them into fat – usually butter or oil. After the infusion process, the edibles are batch counted and packaged.

Is this process regulated?

Cannabis edibles are not federally regulated by the FDA, and state regulations often are not as specific when it comes to food quality and safety in the cannabis space. For this reason, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to implement food safety and quality standards during production.

How are CBD and THC edibles and Nutraceuticals packaged?

Like most food products and supplements, there are several options when it comes to packaging edibles and nutraceuticals. Depending on the type of edible, the best method of packaging may be different.

Bags can be used for gummies and hard candies. This method is beneficial for separating products from the air without taking up too much space, but bagging doesn’t protect the edibles inside.

Bottles made of glass or plastic offer more protection to the edibles inside. However, this packaging method requires more materials and can be more expensive.

How are CBD and THC edibles and Nutraceuticals batch counted?

Edibles and Nutraceuticals can be batch counted in one of three ways:

  • Manually. This is when an employee counts the product by hand. This method has a low upfront cost, fewer moving parts, and gives operators the most control. However, this method is less efficient and has a higher chance of bad batching.
  • Semi-manually. This method is more efficient than the manual method while costing less upfront than a fully automatic system. It also allows for PLC integration. However, this method is not as efficient as fully automatic methods and has a higher likelihood of bad batches than automatic methods.
  • Automatically. This is the most efficient method and eliminates the risk of bad batches. It has a high ROI and is often easy to use. However, this method has a high upfront cost.

How does VMEK Abacus+ Counting Machine mitigate the issues commonly associated with batch counting and inspecting CBD and THC Edibles and Nutraceuticals?

The VMEK Abacus+ is an innovative machine that was specially designed to sort bulk edibles and Nutraceuticals and divide them into exact count batches. This machine has the ability to count up to 60 packs per minute with a single chute, and it ensures 100% quality reporting and accurate counting.

The Abacus+ counts each batch multiple times to ensure an accurate count before outputting the data on each batch for quality reporting and traceability. The Abacus+ also has the ability to perform a full surface inspection on each edible to verify the proper color and size while checking for debris or foreign material. The machine collects this data to create a final quality score and provides traceability for each batch.