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Seed Size Sorter Sorting Machine System - Corn Soybean & More

The Profile 3D can measure the length, width, thickness, and diameter of each part, with micrometer precision.

Video Transcription

Hello. My name is Kent Lovvorn and I'm with VMEK Sorting Technology. This video is a basic introduction into our Profile 3D.

The Profile 3D is designed specifically for the lab environment. The single goal of the machine is to give you three-dimensional size information on each individual part. Currently it's built specifically for corn or soybeans. This application will be running corn.

The basic components are: our hopper; the feeder to advance the product forward; Here we've added a stabilization roller, just to do the best job of presenting the product flat on the chute. It slides down the chute. And here it runs through a series of lasers and cameras that performs a 3D measurement. At the end, although we're getting the size information on each individual part, we can only eject one size range. So that whatever is set to eject will go into the eject bucket - here we're ejecting large flats - and then all the other sizes will go into the accept bucket. Let's have a look and watch it run a little bit.


So here we ran about 541 seeds, 20 of them were ejected. Again we're ejecting the large flats. So in this bucket you'll see large flats. All the other sizes were accounted for, but aren't in this bucket as we mentioned.

First let's have a look at the type of image this machine captures. As discussed previously we use multiple cameras and multiple lasers to get three-dimensional data from the front and the back.

Three-dimensional data is then mated, and then we can query the shape and size information from that. So here you see this is the point cloud that's created and mated. And we get both the front and the back, or however you want to view that. Here you can clearly see the embryo that's present in this kernel of corn.

Moving on to the data.

Like our other technology, we capture data on each individual part. Keep in mind that the profile is specifically "Shape Only" so we have no color information. All we're getting basically is a length, a width, and a height of the part.

Now the real promise of this technology is how we can apply it for particular applications. Here we've taken the technology and applied it for a corn application. For corn it's important for them to have their size or shake-out of a batch of corn that's coming in.

So here we're allowed to set up our screen size. We have an Extra Large screen of a 26 (26/64ths), a Large of a 20, a Medium of a 16, and also our Slot size of a 13. Each individual part is pressed through the logic here, and updates this pie chart in real time. In addition to viewing it by a size range, we can view it by an individual screen. So here we have corn that has fallen that ranges from a screen 10 to a 24. And then, you know, the number of each part that falls into that individual screen. So this particular batch has more 18s than anything.

Then also we can break it down to whether it's a flat or a round. So here, again the darker blue is the flat and that's the one that's the most prominent in this particular one. In addition we have a breakout of how it falls by either percentage or by count. Let's have a look at how these tables are populated in real time. So we'll start with our shakeout table. I'll clear the data and start the machine.

So here you can see we just ran 334 seeds. And in this case only two of them were ejected because they were large flats. The data was populated in real time which updated both the pie chart as well as this bar chart for screen sizes.

Thank you for watching this introductory video to the Profile 3D. We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss additional capabilities of this machine and how it can be applied to your application.

With a focus on precision agriculture, the purpose of this equipment is to accurately capture information about the size of seeds and project them in a three-dimensional way, bringing information widely used to improve crop results after planting. Currently, its applications are aimed at large harvests, such as corn and soybeans, however, we can create customized recipes for other harvests.

The Profile 3D uses data provided by cameras and laser lighting to generate in real-time the three-dimensional model of each analyzed part.  The recorded data can be tracked in real-time to define the criterion of seed selection, view on the equipment monitor, or exporting the analytical data for an even more accurate analysis.

  • Capture accurately all the seed size measurements with micrometers.
  • Stores information for up to 1 million parts
  • 15-inch color touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Sorts by 1/64” screen and selects with precision.
  • Real-time data.
Dimensions 452 mm x 1051 mm x 1495 mm
Power 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air 1 - 10 CFM @ 90 PSI
Temperature 45ºC / 113ºF (max)