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High-Speed Counter, Sorter & Packaging System Machine

Welcome to the seed counting revolution!

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We present to you the Abacus High-Speed Seed Counter, a machine capable of quickly and accurately counting various types of seeds.

Developed with cutting-edge technology and operating through image analysis, the Abacus is the ideal solution for working with sampling, achieving speeds of over a thousand seeds per second with an incredible accuracy of 99.99%.

With a compact design, easy installation and setup, and great automation and integration flexibility, it perfectly adapts to the customer's needs, making it the best market option for seed counting in a seed production plant or laboratory.

By choosing the Abacus for your seed production plant or laboratory, you will enjoy numerous advantages:

Increased representativeness: By determining the Thousand Seed Weight (TSW), the Abacus allows the use of a much larger quantity of seeds compared to conventional methods. For example, by using several samples of approximately 1 kilogram, totaling over 20 kilograms of seeds per batch of 24 tons, you will have a representativeness of 0.08%, more than 120 times greater than conventional samples. This results in a more precise and reliable analysis.

Automatic packaging weight calculation: In addition to automatically calculating the TSW, the Abacus also calculates the final weight of the packaging based on the reported quantity of seeds. Just imagine: if you need a Big Bag with 5,000,000 seeds, the Abacus will make the exact calculation of the weight required to achieve that count, considering the calculated TSW. All of this is done automatically, providing efficiency and accuracy.

Flexible installation options: The Abacus offers various installation options, allowing you to choose the model that best suits your needs. You can opt for a fully automated configuration, controlled by the seed production plant supervisory software, or a semi-automated configuration, with partial automation of the TSW calibration system and optional accessories such as barcode readers or printers. If you prefer, you can even completely replace the manual counting and weighing process. Regardless of the chosen model, the benefits will be extremely significant, providing greater representativeness and precision in seed trading by seed count. The Abacus is aligned with Industry 4.0 and can be automated using the most current communication protocols in the industry, such as the OPC UA Protocol.

Integration in the production line: The Abacus can be seamlessly integrated into your production line. With its high speed and automation options, it can work intermittently between packaging lines, efficiently and swiftly serving your seed producion plant.

Automatic reports and detailed data: The Abacus automatically processes all data and generates up to 30 pieces of information for each sample. These pieces of information can be exported in CSV files or automatically used by other equipment in the production line. You will have access to valuable data about your seed batch, from batch number and seed count to average batch weight and much more. These detailed reports and data will be essential for optimizing control and traceability in your operations.

The quality and efficiency of the Abacus are proven by our satisfied customers throughout Brazil. Major companies in the agricultural sector, such as Corteva, Syngenta, Agrícola Girassol, Jotabasso, Sementes Costa Beber, Copercampos, Sementes Dois Marcos, VIG Sementes, and Fazenda Bom Jesus, already use the Abacus to boost their productivity and achieve precise results.

Don't waste any more time with slow and inaccurate manual counting. Enhance the efficiency and precision of your laboratory or seed production plant with the Abacus High-Speed Seed Counter. Contact us right now and discover how this cutting-edge technology can transform your business!

Dimensions 14.84" x 30.86" x 40.08"
Power Requirements 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Requirements Optional
Operating Temperature 45ºC / 113ºF (max)