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Analytic Color Sorter

The Metrix Analytic Lab Color Sorter is a small full-color optical sorter and product analyzer in one machine.

In addition to dividing the product into two streams using high-speed ejectors, the Metrix calculates and logs detailed spatial and color information on each item. Making it ideal for use as a small color sorter or a lab color sorter

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The heart of the Metrix is the technologically advanced viewer. It uses trade secret "On-Axis Viewing", which enables exact imaging from both sides of the product with no lost features. The low-profile design allows for a compact machine footprint and efficient product ejections. In addition, the viewer uses the latest in LED technology for superior image quality and repeatability. The lighting is designed to maximize product features and minimize glare.

  • Sorts product by color and/or shape
  • Outputs color and spacial data on each part
  • 15" color screen with intuitive operator interface
  • Stores data for up to 1 million parts
  • Precise ejection with minimal error
  • Counts at a high rate with high accuracy
  • Small Compact footprint with low integration cost
  • Flexible stand configurations
  • Perfect for batch operation or continuous processing
Dimensions 17.7 x 43.4 x 59.2in
Power Requirements 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Requirements 1-10 CFM @ 90 PSI
Operating Temperature 45ºC / 113ºF (max)