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What makes up the perfect lab sorter?

So, what should a lab sorter look like?  A better question to ask is what makes up the perfect color lab sorter?  Must it be mobile and allow you to move it to a different environment or different location as needed?  Should the lab sorter be easy to use?  Should the lab sorter have the feature to set it up with only a couple of seeds?  Should the lab sorter provide data for individual seed and lot sample reporting?   Should it differentiate what is ejected and why they were ejected?   Should the sorter be able to start a seed sample with a barcode and finish with the sample with a barcode?

These are just a few questions to ask before looking for a lab color sorter.  VMek Sorting Technology has developed what we think is the perfect lab sorter.  The Metrix “Lab” Analytical Color Sorter was designed and developed specifically for Seed Labs, Research & Development Facilities, and Quality Assurance for testing and certification.  This is the industry’s preferred SEED CLASSIFIER and is a great tool for seed classification, production sample testing, seed cleaning, and seed certification.  The Metrix is designed to be a multi-use machine eliminating the need for tabletop counters and stand-alone scales.  Individual seed color and size sample data is instantly available for analytical reporting. 

The Metrix SS or “scale – scale” model meets these lab requirements offering various configurations for the need to replace multiple pieces of lab equipment.  For example, the Metrix configured with two scales will allow you to quickly record the weight of the accepted seeds and the weight of the rejected seeds.   Some of the features of the Metrix Analytical Color Sorter include Count Per Pound, Thousand Seed Weight, Damaged and Diseased, Refuge In Bag (see our previous blog "Why do we plant blue and green corn seeds?" to learn more) and includes instant analytical reporting. Individual seed classification using individual seed reporting is instant and allows customers to create their own classification and recipe all backed by VMek Sorting Technology best in class service and support.



Listed below are some features available on the Metrix "Lab" Analytical Color Sorter. 

  • Damage and Diseased - Cleaning, Separation with Analytical Reporting
  • Refuge In Bag - Separation with Analytical Reporting
  • Count Per Pound
  • Thousand Seed Weight
  • High Speed Counting
  • Small Footprint - Mobile
  • Integrated and Customized Weight Scale System
  • Treatment level analysis: % of total seed coverage
  • Seed Classifier - Individual Seed Analytical Reporting
  • Weigh, Count, Detect, Sort and Analyze
  • All Products include VMek Sorting Technology World Class Service & Support

To learn more about the Metrix Analytical Color Sorter or to discuss your application with one of our engagement specialists and to learn more about how we have helped similar companies you can email us at or call us at 804-349-9001.

We appreciate you for taking the time from your busy schedule to learn more about VMek Sorting Technology to learn more about the Metrix "Lab" Analytical Color Sorter.

Thomas Mann
Sales Coordinator
VMek Sorting Technology