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Abacus+ Product Inspection and Counting System for Packaging Applications

Does your packaging system need a solution for counting, verifying, and reporting individual pieces? Put simply; you will not find a better solution than the Abacus+. It counts very fast.

Not only that, but it inspects and verifies each piece from 360 degrees. Not only that, but it accurately reports for tracking pieces, and even debris, down the line. All without the loss of packaging speed, whether you’re packaging ten pieces or 100.

The Abacus+ does all this at up to 600 pieces per second and up to 120 packages per minute.

Every Abacus+ machine has four main functions:


  • Each part is validated prior to counting.
  • 360° inspection is performed on all parts.
  • All parts are validated by size and color.
  • Improper parts are tracked for downstream handling.
  • Optional advanced part inspection is available.



2 - COUNT:

  • Package counts are divided by the programmed target.
  • High-speed ejectors and diverters are used to group the parts for proper packaging.
  • Parts can be collected tightly for a compact load or strung out for easy loading.
  • Optional timing hopper available.


  • All package counts are verified for accurate packaging.
  • Final inspection is performed to verify proper diverting.
  • Parts moved to position A are actively verified.
  • Parts moved to position B are passively verified.
  • Verification guarantees target count is reached.




  • A quality score is created for each package.
  • The data is displayed for on-screen monitoring for efficient system operation.
  • The data can also be streamed to the customer’s control system.
  • Optional automated quality reporting is available.



The History of Abacus+

The first Abacus machine was developed for the field seed industry. As high-tech farming equipment has made it possible to track every seed, farmers increasingly look for an accurate seed count per bag, rather than simple weight. No farmer wants to buy more than the required amount of expensive seed.

The Abacus machine made it possible to give a rapid, accurate count per bag of seeds, and the technology expanded from there. What if field seed companies could deliver not only an accurate count but a quality guarantee for each and every seed using vision technology to validate, count, and sort at high speeds? The application for the Abacus technology in Nutraceutical and confectionary markets became apparent as we expanded Abacus’ ability to do exactly those things: validate, count, verify and report.

The Abacus+ machine combines this exceptional, patent-pending vision technology with a larger, robust frame built to withstand 24/7 production.