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Abacus+ Eliminates Errors with Innovative Inspection and Packaging Technology

Cannabis-infused gummies, made with both CBD and THC, are among the most popular products in the cannabis industry. In response to the growing demand, manufacturers are looking for ways to automate steps of their manufacturing and packaging process to reduce cost.

Top Problems for Gummy Counting and Packaging

  • Piece Weight Variation When inspecting individual gummy products, it is common to see a slight variation in size, shape, and/or weight from one piece to the next. Therefore, traditional multi-head scale technology does not work for packaging these products. This is especially true in the cannabis market when the counts are 5, 10, 20, or 30 compared to the confectionary market with counts in the hundreds.
  • Shape and Size Variation: Gummies come in different sizes, textures, and shapes, which can be very time-consuming and difficult when counting by hand. This can also cause inconsistent variety in assorted color or shape.
  • Delicacy: Nutraceuitcals need to be handled with care, packaged in an airtight environment, and shipped without damage.

VMek’s Abacus+ solves for all of these issues. The Abacus+ is a fully automated gummy batch counting and inspection system that makes it easy to count and package your products quickly and accurately - without any human error. The innovative high-speed color cameras are able to distinguish non-whole pieces, as well as joined pieces, to deliver an accurate count every time.

Why the VMek Abacus+ System

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Abacus+ uses advanced video cameras and sensors to measure down to the milligram (mg) level to deliver precise measurements and reporting.
  • Supersonic speed:  Abacus+ can run a 10, 20, or 30 count package at up to 60 packs per minute or more on a single chute system. This leads to increased productivity and the ability to fulfill your orders quickly.
  • Cost ReductionAbacus+ increases accuracy and speed which reduces product weight errors, fines for errors, and labor costs saved for automating the counting, inspecting, and packaging process.

Other special features include:

  • Easy cleaning and change-over for color or flavor change, as well as container change
  • Simple operation and maintenance for easy training and upkeep
  • Small footprint
  • Other Specifications:
    • Part Size: 3mm to 35mm” cube
    • Part Speed: Up to 600 PPS
    • Pack Speed: Up to 120 PPM

Abacus+ extra advantages

This state-of-the-art system also executes the following actions:

  • Validate: After isolating each part, the machine validates each one based on size and color.
  • Count: Counts and separates the items using high-speed ejectors and diverters.
  • Report: Produces real-time data for each batch maintain and monitor high standards and offer traceability

Unsure of whether the VMek Abacus+ machine is right for your gummy or nutraceutical products? The tool comes in two standard designs that work with a single chute that counts and batches up to 60 packs per minute. The double chute is capable of up to 120 packs per minute.

Another bonus of the machine is that it works as an inspection system for traceability because of its innovative light and camera technology. It can validate each part by size and color and detect any faulty item. The final automated report provides the characteristics of each batch in terms of the quality score, validated count, etc.

Want to make the counting of gummies and nutraceuticals more accurate and painless? Visit VMEK to learn more about how Abacus+ can make your life easier.