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Gummy Products - To Count or To Weigh?

The legalization of CBD (federally) and THC (on a state level) has opened up a new market segment as cannabis-infused nutraceuticals (products like gummies, oils, vitamin-packed supplements, etc.) are ballooning in demand. According to Statista, the market is expected to skyrocket by US$ 2 billion by 2022.

Alongside this growth in demand and production, cannabis products are also subject to an ever-growing list of regulations that manufacturers and distributors must adhere to. Due to these restrictions as well as the small dosage levels of these products (mg), accuracy and traceability are crucial when weighing and packaging your products containing CBD and THC.

Which is Best: To Weigh or to Count?

With nutraceuticals, vitamins, and THC- and CBD-infused gummy products, precise measurement is critical for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Inaccuracies can affect customer health, trust, and loyalty, as well as result in legal compliance issues. 

Due to the texture of the product as well as minute differences in weight per item, it is more accurate to count these sensitive items for packaging than to sort by weight. For example, if a customer purchases a package of 10 gummies and instead receives 11 gummies due to overcompensating for weight, the manufacturer will be at fault because the amount of THC in each package is regulated.

Ensuring accuracy and traceability will decrease the number of errors, returns, complaints, fines, and overall costs of production. To achieve dependability and trust in your batching and inspection process, you need the Abacus+ system.

Why the Abacus+ System?

VMek’s Abacus+ Batching Plus Inspection system is a versatile system which weighs and inspects CBD and THC gummy products, among a variety of other products. It offers a customizable solution to fit your processes for best practice and efficiency in your production facility, whether bottling or pouching the product.

Using an automated counting system ensures accurate counts through machine vision technology (camera image processing) that . The Abacus+ machine can pick out any defect and sort it out immediately, so it will never make it into your end user's hand.

The Abacus+ system is a powerful THC-infused and CBD-infused gummy sorting and counting tool. It works well with Horizontal Form Fill (HFFS), Vertical Form Fill (VFFS), and pouch-filling machines.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of this robust system.

  • InspectAbacus+ analyzes each CBD/THC nutraceutical product by size and color as it counts, rejecting non-whole and joined pieces. 
  • CountAbacus+ classifies parts for correct packaging with high-speed injectors and diverts. As a programmed system, it can perform batch counting and inspection simultaneously.
  • ReportAbacus+ displays real-time data on the quality of each batch on the screen, as well offers automated reporting for display or printing. As a Cannabis and CBD nutraceuticals/gummy manufacturer, you can maintain superior standards.

Ready to Learn More?

Want to produce a consistent, outstanding product more efficiently? A counting system like the Abacus+ can help you deliver a higher level of precision, reliability, and efficiency. Contact us today to see how Abacus+ can improve your batching and packaging process.