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VMek Technical Assistance

Concern about technical assistance service, customer support, or even equipment warranty is undoubtedly a point of great attention and concern when purchasing new equipment. For this reason, after-sales are a fundamental part of the loyalty process, aimed at building and cultivating a lasting relationship with the customer.

VMek Sorting Technology, through its support team, seeks to understand the needs of our customers, seeking to respond quickly and professionally. For this, we train our technical assistance team with determining procedures based on agility, with a focus on solving possible demands that may arise in our equipment.

Our equipment is designed and built in a solid and robust way, thinking about durability and resistance, they undergo rigorous quality control and several tests before release.

Through remote service, we managed to solve practically all technical assistance demands, in addition to reducing response time and maintenance costs. We have spare parts in stock to easily meet the needs of our customers, so rest assured, our technical assistance follows the same quality standards as our equipment!