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Communication, a decisive tool for success!

The search for efficiency, agility, and assertiveness in processes, avoiding unnecessary mistakes is one of the most desired goals for companies seeking excellence!

With this in mind, VMek Sorting Technology develops its equipment to meet the most modern communication and automation requirements available on the market. We are talking about industry 4.0!

There are several ways to communicate our equipment with the existing network of devices in the laboratory. Through the existing supervisory software, or simply through the local network, either via cable or wi-fi. using a printer, it is possible to have at hand information such as the weight that the packages must have according to the number of seeds.

The CPP (Count Per Pound) and TKW - (Thousand Kernel Weight), are widely used in Seed Analysis Laboratories. Measuring the CPP/TKW are crucial for marketing seeds by the number of seeds in the package, among other important functions.

With the Abacus High-Speed ​​Counter, it takes just 45 seconds to measure the CPP/TKW based on a sample of approximately 4,4 pounds of soybean seeds! Without the interference of the human factor, the CPP/TKW result measured by Abacus is reliable, fast, and accurate, which in itself represents a considerable gain in time and productivity.

But in addition to the CPP/TKW, Abacus brings you information such as the coefficient of variation and the standard deviation between the samples and as Abacus uses the image of each one of the seeds it counts, it is also possible to obtain the approximate size of the seeds and with this information, it is possible to determine the standard deviation in seed size!

All this information can be exported via CSV file or directly on your computer, via network cable or Wi-Fi, as VMek Sorting Technology equipment is already geared towards Industry 4.0.