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Abacus High Speed Counterc

Abacus High Speed Counterc - Countless possibilities for your business.

With the growing use of modern and revolutionary agricultural techniques, the use of technology that enables more efficient production, and the use of information that allows more production without increasing the area produced, the marketing of seeds by the number of seeds in the bag is a trend that has been consolidating in the global market.

Below we would like to introduce you more about the possibilities that VMek Sorting Technology through its Abacus high-speed counter will provide to your business.

There are several options for installing this equipment, as follows:

  • Fully Automated - No operator interference - can be controlled by supervisory software, PL, ETC.
  • Semi-Automated - With partial automation of the CPP – Count Per Pound and TKW - Thousand Kernel Weight gauging system, requiring operator interference.
  • No automation - Where the equipment will replace the manual counting and weighing process, bringing gains in time and accuracy.

In any installation model, the benefits are extremely significant, as we will bring greater representation and precision to the marketing of seeds by the number of seeds on the bag. In summary, we are proposing is to increase the size and quantity of samples, thus increasing representativeness, since in one 1-hour an Abacus can process more than 60 samples of approximately 7000 soybean seeds!

Consider that today, to determine the CPP/TKW of a 30-ton lot, you use a sample with a total of 1000 Soybean Seeds which represents approximately 0.265 pounds per 30-ton lot, so its representativeness will be 0.0004%.

With Abacus, to determine the CPP/TKW of this same lot, you can use 60 of approximately 2.2 pounds, with something around 7,000 soybean seeds, totaling more than 132 pounds of seeds per lot of 30 tons, with a representation of 0,2%, or 500 times more representation!

Although the basis on how CPP/TKW is measured today is broadened, the accuracy and speed that Abacus offers are unparalleled and it knows that the greater the representation of the previous ones, the greater the precision with which it will be possible to sell seeds for a series of seeds in the package.

What will determine the index used is the installation model adopted, as the time required for Abacus to process each sample with 2.2 pounds of seeds is less than 1 minute!

An Abacus can serve an entire SPU - Seed Processing Unit, because due to its speed and automation options it can work interspersed between the bagging lines, serving several sieves.

Contact us and request a feasibility study. Buy through numbers how much Abacus can positively impact your company's revenue.

We are eager and available to discuss how we can evolve in this partnership.